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The acceleration of low code

Voltapp is part of the low-code movement, which makes it possible to be 10 times more productive than traditional development.

Promoting Voltapp means promoting autonomous mastery of digitalisation in a secured IT environment.

According to Gartner, the low-code wave will represent 65% of application development in 2025, or $45 billion.

Create recurring revenue

By being an affiliate, you receive a 30% commission on each license you subscribe to, opening the doors to a recurring income.

Better code skills allow your customers to have more ideas and create more orders.

Accompany your partners in their digital transformation investment.

100% your own platform

Voltapp enables you to transform your expertise into secure, 100% privacy (& GPDR) compliant code.

The data, hosting (including offline) of the platform created is up to the client.

Everything that is generated with Voltapp is yours.

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