One price, unlimited power for only 59$.

Pay yearly

Save 50%

✨Early adopters deal

Per app per month

Smart Pixel design

Every design component becomes customizable, also each of them can be attached to a data which can evolve in real time.

No restriction to your data

Send your data wherever you want, we won’t put arbitrary restrictions on your activity. This way you are always in control and privacy is safe.

Airtable unlimited rows

Airtable is a nocode game-changing real time database, so we designed Voltapp as its best “front”. Enjoy user, admin, charts reports... You can then change your database it you want.

Build visually

You can simply add nodes, ie “bricks of codes” (QR codes, buttons...). We and the community are continuously adding new ones.

Create smart behaviors

Each node comes with the ability to set up simple or complex scenarios to create conditions, update tables, send emails, get notifications...

Any APIs connection

A specific tool you want to connect ? Thanks to the Fetch feature, you can connect your app to any web API

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

Create one design and see it applied to all of your customer devices. With smart design, your changes apply everywhere.


Quickly integrate any web app/page to your app (Calendly...). You can also build a web app and embed it everywhere !

Firebase & Google IA integration

Firebase is now open to nocode with deep integration, opening the gates of Google Analytics to Google Machine Learning.

Custom JS

You can also go further by writing you own Javascript, then focus your development only on the 1% you miss.

Share your App

Don’t manage hosting. Export your app on your own custom domain in a click, or ask us to help you for specific exports.

Offline PWA

Don’t be subjected to network rules. Enjoy your Offline progressive web app on the field.

Zapier & Integromat integration

Combine automated task with advanced scenario to unleash the power of nocode integrations. (coming soon)

Advanced charts & reports

From pie, line, bar, funnel or sankey charts, build the dashboard of your dream. You can also design your own reports and create real time versions.

Fast learning curve

No coding skills? No problem. Gain access to our coding academy to jump right in. For direct tips and tools, check out our documentation, video tutorials, or live chat.

Dedicated development

You have specific needs ? Thanks to our Evolving react core, we can work directly with you to add dedicated features that you will be able to (re)use without coding.

Dedicated onboarding & training

Want to onboard your team or to gain nocode skills? We can shape a dedicated training path leading to incredible digital empowerment.

Other services...

We work with many experts, from design studios to industry leading consultants who can directly intervene on your project, reducing costs, time and back & forth.

Connect +3000 applications

Connect Teams, Excel, Powerpoint or Celestory, our interactive content tool (chatbot, serious game, interactive video)

They trust us

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