Your platform in 4 steps

1.Turn your ideas into visual features

Visually build your interface, starting by listing your ideas & needs.

Quickly match your brand design by setting up your theme : from colors to complete theme customization.

Bring interactivity to serve user experience and data generations: forms, tables, files upload, QR codes, maps, calendar, payment, chat...

2. Transform your processes into data

Conceive a turn-key & self-evolutive data structure based on your activity.

Set up a robust & flexible cloud database on which you always have total access and control (GRPD compliance).

Convert your processes into data:
text, numbers, files, dates, checkboxes, formulas...

3. Set up role-based access

Define your profiles as you want:
personal or anonymous information, relations, processes, statistics...

Configure authorisations: data, widget & screens with the ability for higher roles to grant, update and revoke access.

4. Build advanced automation

Build event-driven scenarios for each visual elements: on appear, on click, on data updates...

Create smart scenarios with many steps:
conditions, loops, delays, notifications, emails, updates, meetings...

Can't find your connector?
Want to integrate your own internal tool? We can built it for you.

Connect +3000 apps with our integrations

Teams, Zoom, Office 365, Online storage, Calendars, CRMs, LMSs, Emailing... also including Airtable, Firebase, Zapier & Integromat.

Improve your platform with interactive content

We also created Celestory, a perfect complementary tool to Voltapp

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